something is wrong not sure if its my pen or tablet.

Hi, I recently bought the NEW 1060PLUS(8192), at first it was functioning properly and then it started drawing on its own without the pen making any physical contact with the tablet, I tried changing the nibs, made sure that no other electronic device is near, re-installed the driver,  I even tried uninstalling the driver and trying it out, it kinda helps but it still does it. pls help. 

PS. I didn't drop the pen nor the tablet. 

Thank You.


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  • Hi miguel sabandal, thank you for following the troubleshooting steps we've provided in our support articles before reaching out to us. We really appreciate it.

    We suspect that your pen may be defective so I will create a ticket for you so we can assist you further. 

    Best regards,
    HUION Customer Support

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