156 HD V2 Not Working on HP Laptop


I have a Huion 156 HD V2 that was working fine on my Imac but now will not work at all on my HP Laptop. 

There is no pen input (pressure) and the touch bars do not work, either. However, it does say that the device is connected and the screen does turn on. 

So far, I have tried:
-All Windows and HP updates 
-Enabling / disabling / reinstalling USB drivers
-Enabling / disabling windows ink
-Tried two pens (both fully charged)
-I've installed / uninstalled each driver listed for 156 HD V2 with a restart in between each one
-I've turned bluetooth off
-Tried different USB ports on my laptop (no luck)
-Tried multiple programs (Chrome, SAI, Clipstudio, Photoshop)

No luck with anything. 

I did, however, have one brief moment of hope after a restart where the pen worked for about 9 seconds before stopping. I was able to replicate this again. But I can't figure out why it would work after the initial restart but not sustain.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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  • Hi Mike Pelosi, thank you for detailing all the steps you've taken so far. I appreciate it. This helps us narrow down the possible cause of your issue but we still need to do more tests. Since you have an open ticket, kindly provide the answers to my questions through replying to the ticket.

    Best Regards,
    Huion Customer Service Team

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