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Hi, is there a way to set one of the pen buttons on the Kamvas 13 Pro to the "eraser" function that the Wacom and Surface Pro pens have?

  • I found an even better solution and wanted to share in case it's useful to someone else. If you add your favourite pen and eraser to the quick access toolbar (this does not work in the app version, only the fully installed version), you can use those shortcuts to programme the pen buttons to flip between pen and eraser. For me, the black pen is Alt + 6 and the eraser is Alt + 09.

  • I FOUND THE ANSWER! FINALLY! You can download a program that will toggle between brush and eraser easily in photoshop.

  • I bought a Huion H640 and i am using one note

    Before install the driver,means the HUION tablet application, my pen can be switch to eraser just with the press key on the pen. While now i had installed the driver and seems like the eraser function had been disabled.

    In this comment, I hope HUION can solve for me this question (FYI : I am using OneNote)

    1. How can I setting the eraser on my Pen press key?

    2. How can I setting for the express key at the left side?

    3. It is because i use 1laptop + 1monitor(for extending my screen), and if i dont install HUION tablet app, i cant be able to let the pen to be appear in my laptop,it only left at my monitor. Is it any setting to solve this problem as well?

    I look forward for the reply from your team

  • Hi leif my, kindly refer to this Microsoft article to determine the best keyboard shortcut you can use and set it on your tablet or pen button in our driver: Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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