Cursor is offset, and freezes when I try to calibrate.

I got a Kamvas pro 16 a few weeks ago. After giving administrator privileges to the huion driver my cursor became an half inch offset. When i go to the calibration page the cursor freezes so i cant press the x on each corner. When I close calibration page the pen starts working again but still has the large offset. I have a surface pro, and i've unistalled previous drivers and reinstalled the huion driver correctly multiple times.

  • Hi karena ware, I'm sorry to know about your offset issue. Have you properly aligned your displays in your display settings?

    • Windows:

    • Mac:

    After making sure that the top area of your screens are aligned in your display settings, please try to restore your tablet's calibration back to default and check if it will resolve your issue.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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