Improve your software

 There are features in software that are a must and you are losing very much from that field.

  1.  Allow express keys or soft keys to execute the "Switch Screen" function
  2. Allow shortcut profiles for different softwares or to be easily switchable take example from "Logitech Gaming software"or probably Wacom. You are my first graphic tablet, I don't want to be disappointed and regret the purchase (probably will be, taking in account the ghost input pen generates and the funny  "bot" flavour support) so giving feedback for you to improve, probably you received it many times but who knows.
  3. Option the Express keys the execute keystrokes not just only one key.
  4. Fix your keys. Slash symbol "/" on the main keyboard and on the Numpad Keyboard has different scan codes. Since you mixed those two I suppose others are mixed as well
  5. Introduce option when holding one of the keys of the pen.. for example the "P1PenButton" when holding to act as a "Scrooll" wheel. Currently I am achieving this with Autohot key script

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  • Of course this is what I expected. I thought it is obvious by my attitude and calling you a liar. Good job, keep up!

    So this is what the advice is, sop lying. Directly after such thread share your plans that support won't be provided, and no, the functionality I say is not offered by this drivers, top lying about such things too... them after sharing your commitment to force buy new products, lock the thread and that's it. Months of spreading lie do you no good. Thanks, bye.

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