Improve your software

 There are features in software that are a must and you are losing very much from that field.

  1.  Allow express keys or soft keys to execute the "Switch Screen" function
  2. Allow shortcut profiles for different softwares or to be easily switchable take example from "Logitech Gaming software"or probably Wacom. You are my first graphic tablet, I don't want to be disappointed and regret the purchase (probably will be, taking in account the ghost input pen generates and the funny  "bot" flavour support) so giving feedback for you to improve, probably you received it many times but who knows.
  3. Option the Express keys the execute keystrokes not just only one key.
  4. Fix your keys. Slash symbol "/" on the main keyboard and on the Numpad Keyboard has different scan codes. Since you mixed those two I suppose others are mixed as well
  5. Introduce option when holding one of the keys of the pen.. for example the "P1PenButton" when holding to act as a "Scrooll" wheel. Currently I am achieving this with Autohot key script

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  • Hi Hristo Kavalov, thank you for your feedback. Our Version 13 and 14 drivers are already capable to execute the features you are requesting:

    1. You can do this by setting one of your express keys to Switch Screen function
    2. This is possible by choosing "Run Program" instead of Switch Function. Just make sure the rest of the options are unchecked and only "Run Program" is checked except Custom Name if you want to customize the said function's name.
    3. You can also do this by following the first image from #1 above then on the second image, see below:
    4. As of the moment, the / in both the alphabet and number keys are the same since the software that we've tested treated these 2 keys as the same. May I know which software you are using that uses these 2 separately?
    5. Setting one of your pen's buttons can also work as a scroll up or down by following the steps below:

      However, when you press on the pen button to scroll up or down, it will not continuously scroll when pressed continuously. It will scroll for a few lines or pages when you click it so you just need to click it again until you reach the specific line or page or area. But if you want to have it continuously scroll as you press the button down, this is currently not possible. We appreciate your feedback about this and we will inform our software engineers about this feature. If we will have a lot of requests for this feature, this may be available in the future.

    NOTE: When using our driver versions 11 and 12, there are some limitations such as having the Switch screen option only available on your pen buttons, no keyboard combination option for pen buttons, limited keyboard combination options for press keys.

    It would be better if we know which tablet model you have, the driver version you've installed and the drawing software you are using so we can help you setup your press key and pen button functions.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • I opened support ticket yesterday. I wrote a few days ago to your live chat, how many times information must be repeated in order to progress? Have you tried your software on 1060 Plus (2048) ? Device isn't recognized as conncted. 

    I tried Tried 12.3.7 and drivers and it is all the same. My request is if you improved your software why keep it away from all your devices?  Do something! Make new firmware or whatever but why this improved software you speak do not work with my first Huion tablet 1060 plus? I already feel like abandoned caveman.

    Windows 10 19592.1001

  • The software you are talking about doesn't support all your devices. Do not recommend it so blindly if it may be supports less than 50% of your tablet products. I tried it and it doesn't detect 1060 Plus
    Tried 12.3.7 and all the same
    Windows 10 19592.1001

    Ghost inputs across almost the whole system
    Photoshop 2020, Premiere Pro 2020, Browsers, all softwares
  •  Man is there communism since you do not allow open discussion but preread to approve comment publication. Jeez

    Since probably your software can't bbe made quickly compatible with my 1060 Plus or probably you won't start the effort at all, at least tell me how to stop "Switch Screen" to apply Left click with the switching cause I am trying to do video edit on 3 monitors and every time I Switch the screen the LMB click selects something and changes my sequence by accident. Give me advice on how to simulate the switch screen button on the express key or best will be to not "switch" the screen but have Button that corresponds to the monitor I want to switch to. I saw in the tabletconfig.ini "ScreenSel" setting is responsible for the default monitor but the switching is probably somehow more dynamic (interactive) and I don't know what to edit to achieve such functionality. Guys there are Reddit threads and a lot of requests all over the place and if you respond to this demand this highers the overall level very much cause it is essential but I think you know that.

  • Hi Hristo Kavalov, I'm sorry if your posts were not made available to the forum publicly right away. I hope you understand that when you post a reply, it may take some time for it to show up on the forum. However, due to the number of replies you've made, our system raised a red flag thinking that it may be a spam that is why it needs our manual review before it will be posted publicly. Hoping for your understanding.

    Our live chat is available within 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-6:00pm China Standard Time (UTC+8), Mon-Fri, except holidays. I tried to check on your chat history and I found out that you tried to contact us outside of our work hours. I also saw the ticket you have opened yesterday and I will reply to it as well.

    Since you are using the 1060Plus model which uses the driver version 12.3.7, there are limitations to this driver. Unfortunately, the features that are available on our driver versions 13 and 14 can not be applied to your tablet model due to the hardware limitations. The 1060Plus may have the latest features when it was released years ago but I hope you understand that technology improves year after year. Thus, we can only update the software based on what the hardware can handle. I would suggest that you use our latest models or at least one of the more recent ones together with your computer that has the latest operating system and software.

    Going back to your issue, unfortunately,  you can not assign the "Switch Screen" to your tablet's press keys. You can only assign it to one of the pen's buttons instead.  If you don't want either of your pen buttons to work as a Switch Screen, you can just choose either of those on the drop down list.

    I will address your ghosting issue in your ticket since I will need more information to be able to assist you further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • This is why on Reddit and else I am spreading the word. Do not speak to us as we are monkeys and still play with banana peels. Since I am in no way programmer and with effort and research on the internet and using AutoHotKey I am able to achieve the functionality I want, and eventually using x64dbg when gain more "know how", then it is no hardware limitation. It is YOURS limitation. It is a shame that your product (old or not but one that still affects your image and sales directly cause you have variations of it with the same name) is left to a third party who is not a developer to develop it himself via custom scripts, hacks or patches instead of you improving it. Don't worry, I will write in 1 to 2 years drivers that do the job even if I have to learn C# or whatever. Even through my point of view it looks funny to see you claiming that pointing one key towards another shortcut is hardware limitation. In order for you to see the ghost input I have to record the surface in such angle to be clear visible that I am just hovering and I have to screen record to show the results, this is why I don't have time for this but I will rethink if It deserves the time spent in shooting and sending it to you so you can what? Repeat those bot instructions once again! MAD! I told you many times I have tried all your recommendations already more than once and on different systems. I am not the first one with such issue so you must be familiar with it, knowing it is not single case but massive and yet you provide again those bot repeating instructions. Sorry for calling you a bot, you know, like fake artificial personality script made to auto-reply... but I record the video, provide it to you and you what? Replace my device? Take it thousands kilometers away for service or what? How is this better than TRASH it and go Wacom? I am already wasting enough time in discussing same manners again and warning others.

  • Hi Hristo Kavalov, thank you for sharing in the forum. We understand where you are coming from and I will do my best to find a resolution. I will bring this up to our software engineers and I will get back to you on what we can do about the functionalities you've requested. 

    The video I've requested in your ticket would be of great help as well so we will have a better idea on your issue. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We just need to know more information about your issue so we will know how to resolve it. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Okay, thank you for the taken time to respond on me.  I will follow this thread if some progress on the software for Huion 1060 Plus is made.

  • Hi Hristo Kavalov, thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I am waiting too, since my h1060p tablet has became unusable since latest firmware and driver !!!

    Fix please !

  • Hi Arnaud Lecat, kindly answer the following questions so we will have a better idea:

    1. Before you updated your firmware, was your tablet working fine? 
    2. Which driver version were you using when your tablet was working? 
    3. What operating system and version are you using?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

    1. Before you updated your firmware, was your tablet working fine?
      Yes, i think so... I did not use it for a couple of week but last use was satisfactory
    2. Which driver version were you using when your tablet was working?
      I don't really remember when i upgraded the driver, so it was the latest or the previous one. Not a beta for sure. Sorry for this unuseful information...
    3. What operating system and version are you using?
      Windows 10
  • Hi Arnaud Lecat, thank you for your reply. Please try using this driver version and make sure that you have properly uninstalled the current driver version you have currently installed: Huion H1060P Graphic Tablet Drivers. First, try the 14.8.90 version. If it won't work, use the older one which is Driver_14.8.33.632_beta and so on, until the tablet driver shows "Device connected". You can check out this video as a guide on how to properly install and uninstall the tablet driver: How to Install/Uninstall Huion V14 Driver on Windows (Video)

    When the tablet driver is showing "Device connected" but the cursor won't move with your pen, try your tablet without a driver and check if it works. If it still won't work without the driver, it is possible that your pen is broken. Kindly try your tablet using a different computer and check if it still has the same issue. 

    If you are still within the 1-year warranty and we confirm that your pen is broken, we can send a pen replacement to you. But if it's over a year, you can just purchase a new pen from our official online store using this link: Huion Battery-Free Pen PW100.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Thank you

    Clean uninstall and re-install then test ALL the drivers. Tablet is shown as connected on driver, and has always been shown as connected (i don't have a problem with this).

    Weird behavior : when touching physically the tablet with the pen (click, draw..) nothing happens BUT when i "simulate" a click in mid air (i don't touch the tablet !) the pen seems to react (i can draw approximately in the draw zone of the driver)

    Tablet was bought the 05 sep 2019 and has nearly never been used !

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