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So my family recently bought a new pc and I've been trying to draw using my Inspiroy Q11 V2. I instantly I noticed that I had problems with pen pressure and some other small things, so I decided that I needed to download the driver again, Well, I tried to do that - multiple times by now, but it just. won't. download. There's no error code or anything, it just doesn't work.

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  • I’m having similar problems. Im trying to download drivers for my kamvas 22 plus and the download is very slow and stops working. I downloaded the same file from a different link also but when I booted it up it said i needed an updated version (even though it’s the most up to date one) and it says my tablet is disconnected when it is connected.
  • The download speed is insanely slow for me too.
    And I cannot even stress this enough. I tried 3 different browsers, Chrome, Chromium Edge and Firefox.

    In both Chrome and Edge the downloads stopped after less than 3 minutes. Firefox has a stable download rate, but also only at 12KB/s. This is insanely slow, taking about 15 minutes for a download of 11.3 MBs while the speedtest shows some solid 18MB/s download rate.

    This is definitely not a problem on my end. And as I was writing this, the download failed at 30% progress. I was able to restart it and hopefully the file is not corrupt afterwars.

    And it's kind of frustrating, as I got the tablet today and cannot use it because I cannot even download the drivers. This is pretty bad support. If the quality of service stays this way I might even consider sending it back.

  • This definitely seems to be a DL rate throttle up to a point where it just stops working. It starts of with a much higher rate and drops to almost nothing within a second. The DL seems to work a bit faster using curl (for any geeks that read this).

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  • After waiting for hours for the download it finally finished, but it’s not detecting my tablet and when it tells me to update the installation it won’t let me. Can’t get into the settings either. Literally just got the tablet today :/
  • I also have a problem downloading the driver for hs64. I got my tablet today and cannot even use it. I keep getting network errors and there is no problem with my internet. I tried to use the incognito browser on google chrome but still

  • I bought a Huion Kamva 13, and it is impossible for me to download the drivers on your site because the download stops automatically. I tried on Google, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and deleted cookies etc, it still doesn't work. Is there another way to get these drivers to use your graphics tablet?

  • Hi everyone, we apologize for all the hassle our driver download site has caused. When you encounter download issues from our official site, kindly try downloading the drivers from this alternate link: Huion Tablet Drivers. Please refer to the following articles on how to properly install the drivers:

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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