Pen on the KAMVAS GT-220 not fonctionning wireless

Hello, I have seen many people complaining about this, but I think they doesn't understand the real problem, the pen that where in my order were supposed to be wireless, but they doesn't work without the wire. So I read the manual and saw that we are supposed to get a wireless plug to use the pen without the wire. But there isn't any plug in the pen box or the tablet box. So how are we supposed to use it wireless if you don't give the plug with the order ?

  • Hi Eric Tabourel, thank you for posting your pen issue. The rechargeable pen does not need to be plugged to the tablet. It only needs to be plugged to your computer's USB port to charge. Normally, it gets fully charged after charging it for 5 hours and with normal usage, can last up to 1 week. However, if your pen only works when connected to the charging cable even after charging it for some time, then there is a possibility that the Li-Ion battery inside the pen no longer holds a charge. 

    All Huion products come with a one year warranty. This applies to all purchases made from our authorized online and offline platforms that can be found in our system. (Note: Man-made damages are not covered with this warranty). If you are still within warranty, you can send an email to with the following information for further assistance:

    • Product order number;
    • Product serial number (S/N), which can be found at the back of your unit;
    • Link where you purchased the item;
    • A video that clearly shows your issue (kindly send it through WeTransfer or upload to Google drive and grant permission to allow anyone with a link to view it).

    Otherwise, if your tablet is no longer covered with the warranty, you can purchase a pen from our official store at HUION Pen Display Accessories

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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