Kamvas Pro 12 Touch Bar Issues

I have been using a Kamvas Pro 12 for a few weeks and it went smoothly until now. I usually use the touch bar on the side to zoom in and out, and it worked fine for a long time, but now it will only zoom out no matter which way I scroll. It scrolls both ways on my browser, but not in my program (Firealpaca). I've tried reinstalling drivers, playing with settings and resetting both my tablet and computer, but it still won't work. 

  • Hi  James, thank you for posting your touch bar concern. Since you have reinstalled the driver and tried changing the settings, we need to check on this further. May I know which tablet driver versions have you tried installing? And may I know what computer software are your running on? If you are using a Windows computer, I would like to send a test file to you so we can further test your tablet's performance. May you please update your email address on your support account so I can send it to you.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support