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Huoin Kamvas Pro 13 issue

Hey all,

I got my Huoin Kamvas Pro 13 tablet last year around November and I started picking up issues.

This happened two weeks ago suddenly whilst I was drawing.

My pen seemed to hover or not respond at all even to pen presses onto the tablet.

I changed the nib, made sure that it spins, made sure everything is clean but it still is not responding to my light taps or movements onto the screen.

So, I reinstalled the driver, re installed everything, replugged the cords and nothing.

Im still at this problem.

Anyone know how to fix? 

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I have the same problem here! I brought the Kamvas Pro 13 last year in November as well. Today I used it for drawing and after a few hours, the pen suddenly stopped working! Either that or the display is not registering it. 

I tried to reinstall too, unplugged it as well and nothing helped. 

Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this. 

Just got my tablet last night and I too am now dealing with a tablet that doesn't see its pen. It worked great for a brief period...

I'm not sure but it's appear that there are some problems with this tablet's drivers. Right now in the official website you can download a "beta version" of the most recent drivers I think. However, what OS do you use?
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